Why Choose Us?

Pierpoint Morgan, the renowned investment banker, once famously remarked: “I don’t want a lawyer to tell me what I cannot do, I hire him to tell me how to do what I want to do”. We think Mr. Morgan would have found us to be his kind of law firm!

What would JP Morgan have faced as an investor in today’s Romania?

Even for a businessman with the talents of JP Morgan, the current Romanian legal environment could well have proved a frustrating one. Romania has a tradition of legislative flux, in part deriving from Romania’s efforts to harmonise its law with EU law, but also in part deriving from governments of different political shades having pursued differing legislative initiatives and objectives since the change in system in 1989.


A related challenging factor for those doing business in Romania is to be able to anticipate the way in which Romanian authorities will apply the law, particularly when the law itself is susceptible to such frequent change. This can be especially challenging insofar as concerns litigation in Romania, which can be a frustrating and lengthy process, although the courts are becoming more experienced and reliable in their handling of commercial disputes. Business negotiations in Romania and elsewhere in the South Central European region also have a characteristically different flavour, as do business disputes.
Beyond such difficulties, however, Mr Morgan would have found Romania a country of opportunity for those determined enough to unlock its potential… and one of the keys to unlocking that potential is through obtaining good professional advice.

What would JP Morgan have faced as an investor in today’s Romania?

There can, of course, be many reasons for choosing a lawyer or a law firm. As a minimum, a lawyer in any country must be technically competent and should be someone in whom a client can trust to represent his best interests and to give clear, intelligible and realistic advice. We believe we offer our clients much more than this minimum. The hallmarks of our services are:


  • All members of the legal team trained in large British and American law firms or in the law offices affiliated to the “Big 4” accountancy firms. As a result, we have acquired many years of experience of advising on transactions at the highest level and maintaining the high standards of integrity demanded by international clients. Based on long term experience in the Romanian market place, the lawyers on the team know how to deal with the issues facing investors in Romania, whatever the size of their investment.


  • Commitment to providing clear and practical advice. All too often lawyers give advice which their clients find difficult to understand or which cannot be applied in the real world of business and fail to provide adequate attention to clients and information about the status of the client’s legal work. We are committed to meeting our clients’ legal needs with prompt and clear advice, underpinned by personal attention to ensure that clients are fully informed about the events happening in their file.


  • The wide range of our clients, and the work we do, are a testimony to our reliability; clients know they can trust us to get the job done well, on time and within budget. Indeed, in today’s sophisticated market place, increasing numbers of corporate clients and entrepreneurs have come to recognize that, for all but the largest, most complex, cases and transactions, mid-sized law firms, such as Stabb & Partners, offer a reliable, high quality and cost effective alternative to the big international law firms and a higher level of personal service.


  • Cost-effectiveness. We recognize that legal services are one of life’s more expensive services and clients, who run businesses, operate to budgets and are entitled not to have “surprises” as to the cost of the legal services. We place a particular emphasis on transparency when we agree fees with our clients and we keep clients aware of the development of costs, so that they can make informed choices about what activities we do on their behalf.


However, there are two other factors, which further enhance our cost-effectiveness for our clients – our accumulated experience since 1998 means that we are not learning at the expense of our clients, whilst our transaction management and work organization skills mean that we achieve effective delegation to the lawyer or team of lawyers most suited to meeting the particular requirements of each individual client.


We also appreciate that not every investor is a JP Morgan. As a reflection of this, we have established a dedicated small- and medium-sized enterprises department, to provide a “no-nonsense” efficient service for entrepreneurs, who are starting and developing their businesses in Romania. We have helped many such businesses over the years and appreciate that the challenges they face can, and do, differ from those facing more mature businesses and those businesses, which are part of multi-national groups.


  • Our commitment to Romania. We have been advising clients on doing business in Romania since 1998 and have always adopted a long term approach – we want to be there when clients invest, and as they develop their businesses and go on to make their profits. We remain positive about the business outlook in Romania and take the experience of our clients as a benchmark indicator: namely that, out of more than 300 company incorporations over 20 years, only two of our clients closed their businesses in Romania and these were for reasons unconnected to Romania – a success rate that Romania can be proud about.

Our mission

Niccolo Machiavelli once observed that “entrepreneurs are simply those that understand that there is little difference between obstacle and opportunity and are able to turn both to their advantage”. Romania’s business environment offers many such opportunities and obstacles. Our mission, therefore, is deliberately ambitious: to help our clients turn those obstacles and opportunities to their advantage through sound legal and business advice and an efficient and friendly service.

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